When enough is enough …


Image via: pixgood.com

I am a huge motivator addict. I love to get motivated, I love to inspire others. I love to read about success stories and dream big.

There is something though that has been bothering me and it took me some time to work at what it is …

I discovered that, when reading quotes like, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein, are fantastic to inspire those to push harder and bigger to achieve your desired result, but sometimes, what we have right now (and by this I don’t mean materialistic items, I mean in terms of where we are in our dream chasing journey), is enough.

For the last 9 months I have been pushing myself to get out there and really go for my big goals in life, I ended up losing sight of the goal and instead focused on a step of the goal, but forgot what it was I was really seeking. The step was part of it, but I turned it into the entire aspect. I became stressed out, angry, frustrated. I forgot what it was like to play, have fun and live freely, which is always my end desired result – to be free to explore my creativity.

What I completely forgot in the process was, I don’t have to change anything if I don’t want things to change. In other words, if I am satisfied with the progress I am making at this time, then I can continue the path I am on, instead of stressing to do more, be more and try to think of another way.

I told my friend this, who responded with, ‘Once you realise at this, you receive a sense of calm’ and I do. I feel a lot more happier and I really appreciate what I am achieving at this moment.


Image via: picslist.com

It’s hard to describe but instead of trying to push forth to reach the 100th step to my desired goal, right now, I am hanging around the 65th step, because I want to and for me it works. It makes me happy. Anymore, at this stage in my life, is too forced and makes my life unbalanced, making me not happy. Why would I want to destroy everything I have worked hard for, have passion for, due to wanting haste in my goal? This is a journey, a life journey and I see that now. I am excited to be where I am, I am excited to still seek opportunities, grow and challenge myself, at my pace. I feel a whole lot calmer, happier and more creative than ever.

I want to stress the point that this doesn’t mean I am giving up, I am simply changing my mindset that I can actually enjoy the journey as well as all aspects of my life, by appreciating where I am now and how ‘enough’ it is for me.

Are you happy with your current progress towards your goal? I would like to hear your thoughts.


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