Someone to Love

Book Cover First Impressions:

The title sounds like it is a romance novel, not much of an image to really understand what the book is about until you read the synopsis. I chose it purely because of the romantic style of text for the title and the title heading. Yes, I love a good romance novel!

About this book:

It’s been three years since his fiancée’s mysterious suicide, and Jace Montgomery still hungers for answers. Stacy was kind, funny, and in love — why, on a trip to England, would she end her life in a room above a village pub? Then Jace stumbles upon a photo of a rambling estate tucked inside one of Stacy’s books — and a cryptic note dated one day before her death: “Ours again. Together forever. See you there….”

Drawing on his family’s vast wealth, Jace returns to England to purchase the unsightly Priory House — and soon discovers it is haunted by the headstrong ghost of Ann Stuart. Unraveling the ties between past and present with the help of a beautiful local journalist, Jace must at last reconcile his heartwrenching loss and his own hopeful future.

My review:

Not an ordinary romance novel, where she sees him and falls madly in love at first sight and then drama happens and then by the end they can finally be together. This interesting tale, involves a murder mystery, going undercover and dealing with small town gossip. The romance does come and I wasn’t sure who that romance would be between, but it did come and I was more than satisified with the result. Plus the elements of ghosts and investigating into a past lover’s murder makes the story a fantastic one.

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