Business Mums – How do you feel running a business and being a mother?

Running your own business and managing the household is full on. In “How do they do it? 16 Business Mums share how they juggle life,” I sought Mums who owned their own business to find out the truth on how they juggle it all. Here is what one Business Mum commented on, when I asked this question …

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Tell us about how you feel being a Mum and running a business?

“…I have had times where I have wondered if it is worth doing this while the boys are young and if I should have waited and be spending more time with them but it is also something that I need to do for myself. I really miss working and bringing in my own income and having my own independence so having my own business that I can schedule around the boys and still be there for them is an ideal solution for me,” said Bridget Deuble, Team Oliver Health Coaching in How do they do it?

Are you a business Mum? How do you feel trying to juggle it all? I would love to hear from you through supportive comments below, for other Mums to read.

Read more from Mums in all various industries about how they juggle running their own business and being a Mum and wife here.

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