Interview: What was the turning point in your life?

From the book, “How do they do it?” I interview 16 Mums who own their own business to share how they juggle life. Here’s a preview of what to expect:


What was the turning point in your life where you said, β€˜I want to give this business a good shot?’

“I knew from my years in Corporate Australia that I had a good idea. I also knew I had enough money to give it a go, without having to borrow a cent from anywhere. Plus with some leave up my sleeve from my previous role and an amazingly supportive husband, I took a big chance on it, knowing that I had options if it wasn’t as successful as we were hoping it would be,” said Deborah Brodie, Bob Along Buddies in How do they do it?





Read more from Mums in all various industries about how they juggle running their own business and being a Mum and wife here.

book cover final 4


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