On the Hunt for Love

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Izzie nearly melted right there on the corner of the street. Then she realised as she looked around that she knew this street. “Wait, I know where I am now,” she said hurriedly. The green light went and Izzie rushed off while Eric stayed where he was. “I’m sorry but I am very late for work. Thank you for your help,” Izzie yelled as she crossed the street.

After another five minutes walking and as her heart rate slowed, she realised how stupid it was to run away from the man of her dreams. She still had a ten minute walk to work but she was already late. She turned back around and headed back to where she last left Eric.

With her head down, she ran in heels to the street. She pressed the button at the lights. She looked up, breathed and saw Eric across the street. He looked at her bewildered and then a huge smile spread across his face.

The light turned green and this time they both ran to each other and met in the middle of the road. They were both lost for words yet both wanted to speak. After a few car honks, Eric took Izzie’s hand and they crossed the street together.

“Why are you still here?” Izzie asked.

“Why did you come back?” Eric replied as he held her in his arms and looked deep into her blue eyes.

“Because of you,” Izzie replied.

~ Excerpt from The Eric & Izzie Series, as seen in My Town Magazine. ~

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