When you plan, remember to play


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I am a perfectionist (in some areas) but I am also a huge scheduler. Similar to a task manager. Sometimes that is how I see myself. But its not me. I am happy, free and adventurous. This is me.

So when I started this year with some pretty massive and incredibly awesome goals, I knew I had to pick up my game and plan my days so I could make progress and do what I love.

Being a creative person means sometimes, I want to bend the rules. I don’t want to sit down at 9 am in a stuffy office and work. Sometimes, I want to get outside, feel the fresh air and breathe. And sometimes, I turn up the music and just feel the vibe, hear the words and close my eyes. The truth is, as a creative person I want to be anywhere and everywhere that spurs on my inner emotions. Because it is with these feelings that empower me to be more of who I am.

Obviously though, ideas do not come to life when one doesn’t work at them. But with all my planning and scheduling over the next few months, I realised a couple of things:

  • I was becoming stressed. I just poured all my thoughts and tasks onto paper and put them against a day and that started to fill the page – very quickly! But I was over-tasking, as in, I was scheduling too much work into my day. Even if I spent twenty hours working solidly on these tasks, what about the rest of my day. Where was the fun?
  • That’s when I realised … I forgot to make time for me and for fun and exploration in these days but how was I going to make time for this?
  • The other issue was, I would look at the days ahead to see what was planned. Bad idea. I would finish the tasks for the day and then start on tasks for the coming days. But I was over-doing it. My life became about fulfilling these tasks rather than having them fit in my life.

It is important to plan and make time to work on your goals. But it is just as important to make time for fun and play. Because without fun and play, the person you are becomes nothing more than a unconscious ghost who has forgotten the real reason for the goals in the first place – not to lose oneself but to find oneself.


Image via: www.oshonews.com

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