Book Review: The Chocolate Moose Motive

Book Cover First Impressions:

I thought this book based on the title and subtitle “A Chocolate Mystery” would actually be about chocolate and going into mouth watering descriptions of new chocolate recipes and the stories within. However this book barely talked about the delicious subject.


About this book:

When Lee hires a free-spirited employee with a tie-dyed, troubled past, she discovers that even the counterculture can conceal a killer….

As much as the chocolate concoctions at TenHuis Chocolade can tantalize people’s tongues, Lee’s newest hire is more likely to make them wag. Forsythia “Sissy” Smith is the granddaughter of Warner Pier’s resident hippie, but the fact that Sissy is a third-generation flower child is the least of Lee’s concerns. The previous winter, Sissy’s husband, Buzz, was found dead, and even though her alibi was airtight, the gossips are still pointing their fingers at her.

Then the chief gossip is found dead, with Sissy on the scene. Was she lured there? Or is she the killer? Lee has a sneaking suspicion that someone is out to keep a dark secret from coming to light. And they would have no problem killing a certain clever chocolatier who might uncover the truth….

With Tasty Chocolate Trivia!

My review:

Although this book front cover claimed to be a story about chocolate, I believe the real story was with the chocolate store’s owner Lee and her investigative skills to solve a murder mystery based around the husband of Sissy Smith. A murder that was being blamed on Sissy.

The murder mystery was very interesting and cunning. And I tried to guess who the killer was, if it was in fact Sissy – who plays with innocence, but I could never have made a solid guess until the end when Lee started putting the pieces together.

This mystery will have you on edge. A thrilling read.

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