Book review: Slay it with flowers

Initial thoughts: I nearly didn’t read this book, simply because I thought it was about vampires, purely based on the front cover. However, to my happiness, I am so glad I did read this book – no vampires, plus it was an interesting mystery.

About this book:

Slay It with Flowers (A Flower Shop Mystery #2)


by Kate Collins

Law school drop-out-turned-flower shop owner Abby Knight has been asked to be a bridesmaid by her cousin. But before the couple says “I do,” a groomsman disappears-and another member of the wedding party is found dead. Abby has to hurry down an aisle of suspects to unveil the truth-and make sure the bride still gets to the church on time.

My review:

I really enjoyed reading this book. The extra characters were fun and sexy. I felt it compared a little to Janet Evanovich’s Stephenie Plum Series, with certain aspects. And who doesn’t love Evanovich’s books? I love the conflict Abby has with trying not to meddle but then is also told to meddle by her cousin, who is getting married and Abby is supplying the wedding flowers. The real interest comes along when a new store appears, a massage parlor for men only. Abby wants to get to the bottom of this business, thinking it must be a whore house rather than a massage parlor. However during her investigation, problems arise and threats appear, leaving the reader wondering what Abby will uncover.

And then of course other situations arise, a groomsman ends up dead, while another goes missing. Every one is a suspect. And of course Abby’s cousin, the bride, makes Abby investigate who the killer may be, all before the wedding date.

Although this may sound dark, the writing style is light and intriguing. I enjoyed this read and highly recommend it.Β I did not actually realise till writing this review that it was part of a series, however it did not affect the story line whatsoever.


2 thoughts on “Book review: Slay it with flowers

  1. I liked this book much better than the first one in the series “Mum’s The Word”. Abby is much more likable and, unlike the first book, her involvement in the murder investigation is understandable.

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