How to write a book review


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As an author and a reader, I find that people are not entirely sure what to say when adding a review for a book, so I have jotted down some tips that as an author and reader I find useful:

  1. Mention your favourite scene. Authors love to read what part of the book resonated with you the most. It is important though to be careful not to mention any revealing parts of the book that are the key to the story. If it is, simply state your favourite scene without giving away anything to readers who have not read the book but want to.
  2. Mention how the story/characters/scene make you feel. Through the book, I can feel frustrated, annoyed, happy, tense etc… but the ending is generally how the writer wants you to walk away feeling.
  3. As you’re reading the book, you might find a sentence or two that really sticks in your mind. Include it in the review as it also showcases the writer’s writing style.

You don’t have to write a long review. Simply a one or two sentence review is all that is needed. A book is different to each reader, so it is important that readers share their views.

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