What is freedom to you?

Image via: http://collegetimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/17729752998aa46342c.gif

Scene from movie: Brave Heart (1995)

Generations before us, fought for freedom through battles and wars. To claim their rightful land. Some battles won, some lost. 

As individuals, we all have our own idea of freedom. 

Freedom to express oneself.

The freedom to explore the world

Freedom to live harmoniously. 

Freedom of choice.

Freedom of speech.

and ultimately the freedom to live the lives we want to live.

What is your idea of freedom for your life? 

For me, its about living my life entirely how I want it to be lived. To me, that is my idea of freedom. 

If you wake up tomorrow, feeling depressed about how you are going to live that day. Find an alternative route. You might not act on it immediately, but simply think about how you do want that day to be lived. If you could work in any career, what would it be? That is the dream. What about the plan? How could you take something, that feels incredibly impossible or out there and make it into something attainable and achievable How could you one day, live your life of freedom? It all begins with this moment. A decision, no matter how long it takes, to work towards what you truly want from life.

Admit the truth to yourself, start with whispering it, then writing it, then speaking it. You will soon realise, how for years you have been fantasising about your freedom and perhaps didn’t even realise. The idea you want, is there, already formed. You might just need some creative push to get your mind to actually consider it, as something worthy. It is funny, how we can easy say, “No, I cannot do that.” And push away a very good idea that would be something you would have loved to do. Don’t push your freedom away. Reach for it. Understand what it is. And do whatever you can to achieve it. 

Image via: http://prettynbeauty.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/o-FREEDOM-facebook.jpg

I promise you, once you realise your freedom for life, you will not be able to hide from it or pretend it does not exist. And the paths you begin to take, will move and grow you, and take you to new heights that you never realised existed. 

Is your freedom worth fighting for? 



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