A haunting question – will I ever achieve my dreams?

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Sometimes when we feel we are lost. We do not know where we are going. And there is no map to follow. We don’t know how to feel. Should we give up, turn around and go down the same road we have all our lives? And for what, to wonder, what if I kept going? What if that opportunity was just around the corner?

I have achieved so much with my writing career to date (and I am not here to boast). Rather, of late, I have been unsure of the direction. I am unsure of how to make that final leap to grab hold of it.

I have so much to give. So much to offer the world, with the stories filling my mind. And yes, when you take on a career as a writer. One must write!! *Key to success, right there* – πŸ˜‰

Writing means so much to me. And perhaps, of late, I am thinking too much of the end of the road. Rather than the road I am travelling on right now. And if that means, I need to stop and take in the scenery and build on what I have been working on and making it happen. Then, perhaps it is meant to be. This very moment. Sitting in my home office. Writing, for you to read.

It is an incredible honour to have you read my thoughts and processes. But more importantly, what I want you to take from my perhaps criptic message is. If you know what you want. And you have been working hard for years to make it happen. Forget about the final leap, which may be a simple small step in a particular direction. Just focus on your current path. If you are unsure, how you will make it to your end destination. Let that stress of that end result go and break free from the stress you have put yourself under and enjoy what you love. Being a perfectionist or trying to meet a timeframe, can become unrealistic. Do not see this as failure. Just see it as a competition to meet that target. And if you don’t get there in time, just keep going at your pace.

The last thing you ever want to do, is become so stressed about the idea you have in your mind, of having that end result now. That you give up on your biggest dream. And you may, not realising, be only a step away from achieving it. Never give it on your dreams. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled. Go for it. And keep going.


Image via:Β sustainableman.org

Remember when you get lost. You can find some amazing life experiences, that you will treasure forever.Β 

Happy Sunday!


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