Miley Cyrus’s Life Lesson

I know, I know. Miley Cyrus does not seem to best role model of late. However after watching an interview with Ellen and Miley (Aired: 4 Mar 14), I realised, her biggest weakness in life was anxiety. Being a mega star, and growing up in the industry, I was surprised to hear she was still (till only very recently) dealing with anxiety. This world recognised star, has brought up her biggest block within herself and by doing so has opened eyes for many to realise, they can also remove anxiety from their lives.

I think for artists and dream chasers, there comes a time during our journey, were we become worried about if we can really make our dreams a reality. This thought is always in the back of our minds and even when we have bursts of inspiration and new ideas. An hour later, they can be slammed by damning thoughts of fear.

Even during your dream chasing journey, those close to you, can really bring their fear of chasing dreams to try and make it your fear.

“Why would you leave your secured job in this down-sizing economy?”

The fears of others start to plaque your mind. “Am I really good enough to achieve my dreams? Have I dreamed too BIG and now have to come back to the reality that I may not be able to go through it.

My three words for you – Keep moving forward.

You could be extremely close to achieving your dreams but with an invisable path, you cannot see that your journey is almost there.

Sometimes you need to look at those ‘comfortable’ zones in your life and instead of running back there. Think why did I want my dream in the first place? And re-ignite your passion.

What ever you do, do not give up on your dreams. It is your ultimate freedom. Dream big. And take one step at a time. One day, you will get there.

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