How would you dream this day to be?

Fight for your dreams. Never give up on them or yourself. And never let someone pull your dreams down. They are yours. Hold them close.

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Life is filled with choices. Every day we wake up with a choice on what we do, how we act and what we choose to welcome into our lives. By way of friendships, what we watch on TV and how we look at a situation. Each day we have the choice to either take charge of our lives and live a fulfilling life we choose not to look outside out current way of living and continue living a mediocre life. I can tell you how choosing to live a fulfilling life can be hard work, but that’s why its called fulfilling because you love to do what you do.

With choices, comes decisions either to move forwards or sideways. When excuses arise, you really have to to ask is it because you just don’t want to do it? It’s a simple question. It eliminates the guilt. It eliminates the ‘I should do this’ response and it brings you closer to doing what you want.

Although here’s where it gets tricky. What if you don’t want to do anything? What if you said yes to each and every challenge and then realised it was immensely fun? As I said, there are choices and with each choice you make knowingly you will at least start to work out what you love to do, what you never want to do again and hopefully it will lead you to the best experiences in life. Never be afraid to dream of a brighter future.

Day Dreaming
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Take ten minutes each morning and dream with a limitless mindset of how you want to see this day be lived out. If money, work and all the thing you feel are holding you back are of no concern – how would you live this day?

Don’t you owe it to yourself to live one day of your life the way you really want to?

Do this every day for a month and then you should be so pumped up in making your dreams come true, one day you will wake and decide, it’s now or never. You decide.

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