Create your own success

What I remember when learning maths in high school is, if I followed the set-out formula I would solve the problem. To me this sort of felt like cheating.Β I wondered, shouldn’t I try to create my own formula to find the answer?

When I applied for a sales position a few years back, the manager handed me a cue card to sell a product to him. It took me two goes before he said, “you don’t need to add anything else, just say what is on the card.” I was shocked, really, here I was improving what was written but he wanted me to just do what was already said. I did get offered the job of which I declined.

Mimicking in this world is seen to be a form of intelligence. Especially when a person mimics someone who has fame and wealth. It is believed by following that persons path they too can receive such abundance.

I just wonder though, what if you wanted to live life differently? What if instead of trying a path that has been proven successful, you create your own path, your way?

You may even receive the same result, but you know that it was all you. You crafted your own success. And if mimicking is the way to go – who are you mimicking to create your current life experience?

Are you happy with it?

Maybe you need to add your own uniqueness to it, to see the results you really want. Who knows, your plan may be better than the person you were mimicking…


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