You know when you have those moments, those life thought provoking moments, where you know from this point on, life will change. It has to. Because you are changing so much every day.

I am searching. I want to provide the world with something that will change lives. I want to let people know how they can change their life path directions with the belief that anything is possible.

I am searching. I want to make a difference in the world. I want people to help believe in themselves and believe their dreams can become a reality.

I am searching. I want to be apart of something big. I always want to ‘help’ in situations but I am starting to realise to make a difference someone has to take charge. I am ready.

I am searching. I want to know what I am doing, will impact those who read it.

I am searching. I want to know that when my time ends, my legacy will be remembered for generations around the world to come.

I am searching for something more. I will always want more on my quest to becoming more spiritual, as one with the spirit world and myself.

I aspire to create change throughout the world.

I will make a difference.  I will connect with others and watch them flourish.

I am ready to be the best person I can be and more.

I am ready to create a ripple effect throughout the world and change lives forever.

What are you searching for?


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