How music can change my mood in an instant.

I love music. Feeling like I need to relax, I hit play on the Enya CD and let my body relax.

Why not jump into some beats and hit the play button on Step Up 3D soundtrack. Makes me want to get up and dance? So why not? Let’s dance.

Don’t you feel sometimes dancing calms your mind easier and quicker than anything else? So get up, put you’re favourite dance track on and dance. And not just dance, dance sexy, dance hot. Imagine your in a the Caribbean, on a private boat in a private party with the sexiest people around, feeling hot. Great, you’re meant to. Dancing is on of those moments in time where nothing else matters but you and how you feel right at the moment. It’s living in the moment. Leave your stresses behind on the dance floor.

Bust at your moves. Put all your energy into each move. Relax your face and hey give a little smile. Do you feel free? Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel energised? Perhaps even happy? This is how dancing feels to me. But oh so much more than that. Sure funk dancing spurs on my spirit. Yet that’s only just one style.

I love to turn on JLO tunes and pretend I am in Spain wearing my high heels and twisting my body while moving quickly makes me feel like I have entered another world. Flirty and fun. Flick your hair and turn and walk to the back. Turn your head back and give a wink. You want to make them drool.

Ok so now its time to feel the earth through your soul through the movement of your lower body. Lots of lounges, head rolls, long lines. Contemporary here we come. Although we used a lot of high energy for the first two types of dance. Now we turn to a different type of energy. The type that dances from your soul. Use big movements, long arms, controlled jumps, turns, pointed and flexed feet. Oh let your soul reign. Feel the beat. Let the rhythm take control over your movement.

How do you feel now? At peace with yourself?

Through all these movements of dance you build confidence in yourself and accept all of who you are, faults and all. Leaving the daily small negative stuff behind. You have now centered your being to focus on you and how you want to feel each moment of every day. Powerful stuff.

Dance is powerful. You should try it.


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