If red is glamour, then …

I love setting up a fun fashion shoot. Not only is the results of the fashion shoot shown below, but also I have included a behind the scene’s video for you to enjoy.

When wearing this red dress, the inner glamour goddess came out and I couldn’t help posing! I also enjoyed, ruffling up my hair in the later shots to let loose, ha ha.

A huge kudo’s to this red stunning dress, as it instantly turned me from feeling dull to glam in an instant.

Although in the final shots, you can’t see the props I had out, in my video clip, all is revealed. Proving, always be prepared but don’t worry if you don’t capture everything you originally thought would work well for the shoot.

2016-01-27 19.53.17

2016-01-27 19.54.24

2016-01-27 19.55.17

2016-01-27 19.55.57


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When we work together, we all help each other.


On Mums and running businesses

Are you a Mum and running a business? How do you find juggling everything? In my latest eBook, How do they do it? 16 Business Mums share how they juggle life, I sought Mums who owned their own business to find out the truth on how they juggle it all.

I thought this eBook would be a great resource for Mums thinking of starting a business and wondering how will they make time for it and their family, while also being a great support for Mums who are in business and just need to hear how other Mums are doing it too.

Let me introduce you to one of the Business Mums in my eBook, Leanne Guglielmi who owns Cozy Dozy:


Tell us about how you feel being a Mum and running a business?

Very proud about what I have achieved so far. The business has been great in terms of using the skills I already had from my ten years in the corporate world, as well as stretching me in directions I would have never chosen to go in. I have personally grown through this. However, I think there is a long way to go with the way people perceive Mums in business and what we can achieve.  It was actually said to me one day “they think you are ‘just’ a Mum” so you have those ideas on your shoulders some days. That’s what is so great about the Ausmumpreneur network, really supporting Mum’s in business.

What do you think about this notion? If you would like to read more about Leanne’s business and how she juggles life as well as other Business Mums, click here.

book cover final 4


Writers, you will love my new Online Store!!

Online Store Image

Wowza! After many hours of trying to work out how to add an online store, I finally did it through Ecwid.

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I will be adding more products and services to my lovely, new online store, so save this link and visit often.

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Melanie xo

Message in a bottle



Book Cover First Impressions: 

What caught my eye was the picture of the couple and what stopped me to pick-up the book was the author’s name.

About this book:

In a moment of desolation on a windswept beach, Garrett bottles his words of undying love for a lost woman, and throws them to the sea.

My dearest Catherine, I miss you my darling, as I always do, but today is particularly hard because the ocean has been singing to me, and the song is that of our life together . . .

But the bottle is picked up by Theresa, a mother with a shattered past, who feels unaccountably drawn to this lonely man. Who are this couple? What is their story? Beginning a search that will take her to a sunlit coastal town and an unexpected confrontation, it is a tale that resonates with everlasting love and the enduring promise of redemption.

My review:

I rarely read known authors, so I wanted to try one of Nicholas Sparks novels and because I enjoy his movies, The NoteBook and Safe Haven, I thought this book would have lots of emotional bursts and really like Safe Haven I was hoping for some unexpected moment that would last in my mind forever. With this novel, Message in a Bottle, the emotional bursts are less frequent however the unexpected moment did come and I was completely shocked. I won’t give it a way but my goodness, shocked, shocked, shocked. I like how Sparks went against the grain and did something in the story that really could have been a downfall for a great story, if written without thought. However, he delivered it well. You will understand what I mean when you read it. Will I read more of his books? Absolutely. I just hope to read them before the movie and then watch the book come to life on film!

Overall, with the reality of the world going through so much right now, it was lovely reading a novel, where there wasn’t up and down drama, it was romance, a build up of romance without too many couple fights in-between. Thank you Sparks, I appreciate the non-drama from this book.

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What I want from 2016

They say, to write down what you want, so here goes.

When it comes to writing in 2016, this is what I want:

Travel Writing


Image via: Pinterest

I want to write travel/holiday destinations and better yet, I want companies to pay me to stay in their resorts and hotels to get the entire experience and write, write, write.

Interior Design


Image via: Pinterest

I would love the opportunity to write about interior design, create my own interior themes and colour schemes and let my creativity ooze through content. I have many grand ideas that are just waiting for a business to aid me releasing them for the world to see.


I love to write about and snap fashion. In order to show off my glamorous side, I need businesses to send me samples of their outfits for me to get snap happy and shoot and then write.

Script Writing / Screen plays

script writer

I love writing screenplays. Not only do I love it, I chuckle about certain lines or characters. I particularly have a love for writing comedies for adults and/or young adults, however also can write adventure scripts for children’s TV episodes.

Flash Fiction / Novels

all books

Yes, I love to write fiction. Fiction novels where I simply allow creativity to overwhelm my thoughts and actions and just let the characters, the scenery and the plot create it’s own destiny.


Image via: Pinterest

Of course, these are just some of the topics ready to explore within me that I need to write about! I am open to all writing opportunities.

Do you have an opportunity for me?

If you are a business that is seeking a writer in the above fields, please know I am very good at what I do and I provide quality, engaging, informative and creative content that draws in readers. Discuss with me your writing opportunity by emailing me at melanie.toye@gmail.com.

I am very blessed to have the opportunity to write for an array of industries including fashion, photography, real estate, tax, financial planning, frugal living, baby products, job selection criteria’s and resumes as well as fiction and non-fiction eBooks. Not to mention, have the opportunity to mentor new want-to-be paid writers with my freelance mentoring program and new authors in my 5 week eBook guide.