It’s all about the challenge

I wake up from this action-packed dream, I only remember glimpses but the ending is still fresh in my mind. Me (the man) gets asked to climb up this tall tower to get me to the other side. I start climbing when I realise the others, who are a bit further away, are just walking casually to the building.

This reminded me of how I do things, in all aspects of life, I don’t choose the easy path to get somewhere. if I am going to do something, I am going to push and challenge myself every step of the way. Like how instead of writing one book, I’ve written 11 or how I would spend sixty hours in a week towards time on my online magazine, Imagine This.

Interestingly, the dream shows other people getting the same goal easier.

So I had to wonder, if the end result is the same, why do I make it so much harder on myself to achieve it?

The reason: The challenge and growth make me stronger, happier and I thrive on it. It is all about personal growth and if something is too easy, why would I bother?

Do you always like to challenge yourself? Tell me in the comments. I hope this resonates with you and may be help you understand why you push yourself hard.

Because it is about the journey and what you make of it.

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