Fashion that makes my heart sing

Fashion is a self-expression of one’s outlook on life and themselves. How you dress is how you want to be perceived by others but more importantly, it is helps create how you want to feel. If you are feeling down but wear bright red shoes. When you look down at your feet you will feel instantly better.

See, fashion doesn’t have to be expensive or over styled, it simply needs to bring you joy. Do I wish I had more money to spend on an entire wardrobe that would make my heart sing, ahh yes! However, now when I go shopping, I only buy what I like (sounds normal for a shopper, but you would be surprised at how people buy a top that would be great for work or fits their body shape well, but it doesn’t really excite them).

I also work out a list of what I need and ignore, without great difficulty, all those (dresses) outfits that I already have enough of and stick to what I need. I.e. tops to match bottoms etc. to create a complete outfit.

During my decluttering stages, I have always kept my clothes, even hand-me downs that don’t even fit me or clothes that are so old that worn, the elastic is over-stretched etc. It is unwearable but the memory of the events are there. The other fear is, if I chuck out all the clothes in my wardrobe that no longer sing to me, then I may not have a complete wardrobe!

This is very true, however, one might be surprised when they remove the item of clothing and place it in a rubbish bag and leave it for 6 months, that they have now lived without it and worked around not having it, that they can finally get rid of it! Or, hold onto it but when receive a new piece of clothing, get rid of it.

However, fashion for me is exciting and always changing. It depends on the mood that I am, if I am feeling creative, I like to wear arty fashion pieces that I am sure to the average woman would find the look rather unique and different. Then there are times, where I want to feel feminine and self-adored, so my glamour pieces are worn. Of course, I have times, wear snuggling into my pink and white fluffy socks are just so cute and girlish that it widens my smile immensely.

Did you notice in the above that I didn’t mention brands whatsoever. Yes, there are brands that I like and shop regularly because I know they are made with quality and are more tailored to my size, however I am not afraid to shop at cheaper outlets as well for something that is utterly cute and irresistible to wear.

That is just a snippet of my take on fashion. To read more about my fashion advice, follow my online courses and in particular my,Β How to dress glamorous every day online courseΒ andΒ How to embrace your inner femininity online course.



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