Hector and the Search for Happines

Don’t live life like this! Image via: www.youtube.com from the movie, Hector & The Search for Happiness

I just watched this movie, Hector and the search of happiness, where a psychiatrist searches the globe to find the secret of happiness. Lately, happiness has been on my mind. I am a positive person, so this not uncommon for me to think about. Yet, with the daily stressed compounding and the never ending tasks, time for self, relaxation, joy and laughter seems to be pushed further and further away.

In the movie, it was interesting to see the main character go on his own journey to find happiness and experience the cliches of happiness – being rich, women and then the more heart warming – helping others etc. until his happiness truth comes to the forefront and the realisation hits that he experiences sadness, fear and happiness simultaneously that he discover what he truly wants from life that there is no more pretending and simply going through the daily motions.

When do people stop living their truth? Why sell yourself short of such a wonderous and amazing journey?

I know what I need to do to move forward. I also know those experiences that give me the three main emotions simultaneously, fear, sadness and happiness – writing.

I will not give up. It’s my time to write for me. It’s important to not get tracked from our purpose in life and to continually check in with yourself, ‘is this bringing happiness into my life?’ If it is any other answer, then stop doing it immediately.

To add some sparkle to your day check this out: 365 ways to bring sparkle to your day online guide.



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