Book Cover First Impressions:

To me purple, screams romance and the necklace, appears to showcase a more traditional style that might be set-back to the late centuries.

About this book:

On the eve of her 18th birthday, Ashleigh Palmer is preparing to celebrate like any other 17 year old. With a close circle of good friends, a loving family and a sparkling academic record, her life seems enviable and above all: normal. Suddenly, her world is turned upside down as she realises that she may not be the typical young woman she thought she was. To the dismay of her family, her boyfriend Todd and her best friend Emma, she begins to change against her will. Her abilities go from top-standard to prodigal. Her strength, anger and lust know no bounds. Then the inhuman cravings begin – what is happening to her? Her mother holds the secret to her history which will change her life forever, but how and when will it reveal itself? How will she cope, and will she have to leave everyone she loves behind? A world which was once pure fantasy has become real…

My review:

Vampires and romance. My goodness, what a read. I was thrilled to read a copy of the manuscript that kept me entertained from start to end. I got so caught up in the characters and the interesting twists that it was a joy to read. Not to mention, this is a first time author!! I was incredibly impressed with the high caliber of work. The author, has done a terrific job of adding in the smooth pace at the beginning of the book to picking up the pace as we approach the middle and even faster towards the end. It is just like a movie, where the music changes to tell you, ‘something big is going to happen.’

And my goodness, do big things happen, from a young adult who has just turned 18, Ashley, doesn’t know that her birthday sets the change for her life and what I love about Ash, is she could be anyone. She is smart, yet friendly and a bit of a party-girl. This isn’t a too scary blood and gore vampire story, although, some snippets of blood has to be included, which was added in very smartly by the author. This is the more romantic/glamour side of vampires, that readers simply love.

So readers out there who love a good fantasy/romance/young adult story, add this to your next book to read. You can thank me later.

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