I just don’t understand, why me?


Image via: www.askmen.com

I looked at him in amazement. That this master of fashion could be so into me. “I just don’t understand, why me?”

He looked at me confused. Our eyes never left each other’s, as if nothing else was even important. “What do you mean?” he asked.

I shrugged. “I just do not understand. You could date anyone in your life. I bet you go to celebrity parties all the time. Surely you would rather …”

I suddenly stopped talking as I watched his confused expression turn into anger and then he actually laughed. “Do you think those fake, materialistic, fame hungry celebrities – just like me I might add – that I would want to be with them?”

“You are not fake. But in a way you do live in a completely different world to me. You practically live in a mansion, your cheapest car would be worth more than my apartment.”

Gerald cupped his hands against my face. “None of it means anything to me. I am an artist. Flamboyant, creative and don’t judge me for my way of life.”

I stared back at his intent longing gaze. “I am not judging you. I am just not sure if I am the one you really want.”

~An excerpt from Free to be with me by Melanie Toye.

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Free to be with me by Melanie Toye


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