The King’s Shadow



Book Cover First Impressions:

Obviously a royal story. I enjoy historic literature of late so thought I would give it a go.

About this book: 

It is 1483 and King Edward IV sits on England’s throne, but no king rules unchallenged. Often it is those closest to him who are the unexpected danger. When a king dies suddenly and without understandable cause, as Edward does, then rumour replaces fact – and Andrew Cobham is already working behind the scenes. When orphaned young, Tyballis was forced into marriage to her neighbour – a bully and a simpleton. When she runs away from her husband’s abuse, Tyballis meets Andrew Cobham, and gradually an uneasy alliance forms. This is a friendship which will take them in unusual directions and Tyballis soon becomes embroiled in Andrew’s work. Abduction, murder, intrigue and political subterfuge come to a climax as the country is thrown into confusion.

My review:

This was an interesting story and had me reading it wondering, asking questions, I was so intrigued. There were some gripping parts and some romantic parts, yet not the usual where the ‘man/woman falls head over heels for their love’, style romance. A different type of romance.

Based around the two central characters, Tyballis and Andrew. You get to witness Tyballis grow up into a woman who finally learns to look after herself and then charitably after others… although the others, a house full of petty criminals, all with different stories of their own and the mysterious Andrew Cobham who owns the run down house, disappears for weeks on end.

Lots of action and changing plots. This story is very interesting and different to the historic romance novels I generally read.


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