If red is glamour, then …

I love setting up a fun fashion shoot. Not only is the results of the fashion shoot shown below, but also I have included a behind the scene’s video for you to enjoy.

When wearing this red dress, the inner glamour goddess came out and I couldn’t help posing! I also enjoyed, ruffling up my hair in the later shots to let loose, ha ha.

A huge kudo’s to this red stunning dress, as it instantly turned me from feeling dull to glam in an instant.

Although in the final shots, you can’t see the props I had out, in my video clip, all is revealed. Proving, always be prepared but don’t worry if you don’t capture everything you originally thought would work well for the shoot.

2016-01-27 19.53.17

2016-01-27 19.54.24

2016-01-27 19.55.17

2016-01-27 19.55.57


For more of my videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel:Β https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-yMTN4tMFG2BnIjZtmaKnA


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