On Mums and running businesses

Are you a Mum and running a business? How do you find juggling everything? In my latest eBook, How do they do it? 16 Business Mums share how they juggle life, I sought Mums who owned their own business to find out the truth on how they juggle it all.

I thought this eBook would be a great resource for Mums thinking of starting a business and wondering how will they make time for it and their family, while also being a great support for Mums who are in business and just need to hear how other Mums are doing it too.

Let me introduce you to one of the Business Mums in my eBook, Leanne Guglielmi who owns Cozy Dozy:


Tell us about how you feel being a Mum and running a business?

Very proud about what I have achieved so far. The business has been great in terms of using the skills I already had from my ten years in the corporate world, as well as stretching me in directions I would have never chosen to go in. I have personally grown through this. However, I think there is a long way to go with the way people perceive Mums in business and what we can achieve.  It was actually said to me one day “they think you are ‘just’ a Mum” so you have those ideas on your shoulders some days. That’s what is so great about the Ausmumpreneur network, really supporting Mum’s in business.

What do you think about this notion? If you would like to read more about Leanne’s business and how she juggles life as well as other Business Mums, click here.

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