Imagination is everything

Enter a child’s mind. Everything is ready to be explored. Everything has a story to tell. Wow, watch this tree come to life and see it move its big branches to protect the tiny fairies. Did your imagination just come to life?

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As adults, we forget that imagination is so important in life. Although, it’s invisible and sometimes seen as a child’s act. An adult with an imagination gets you out of scenario’s. Instead of choosing the road to A or B, you can take C, because C is the path you created. Your imagination wooed you there.

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Where do you find imagination?  Sometimes it can be buried from years of pushing it away, trying to hide it, to appear more grown up and professional. Yet, your imagination should be let loose, be free.

Put yourself in a room with nothing in it. White walls. Dull carpet. No objects within, except for a pen and paper. I bet within ten minutes (if not sooner), your mind will be creating an abundance of stories, characters, scenes with absolutely nothing to spark your imagination. It’s there, waiting for, daring you, to play with it.

Once you activate your imagination, your world, this world, the real world, opens up to you in ways you had never dreamed of before.

Instead of not being able to afford something, you use your imagination to explore other alternate options that may do an even better job than what you would have paid for. Because, it’s not about the money, it’s about the reward of you making what you wanted a reality and finding a way in getting it, without going bankrupt.

Every day, you can go out into the world and discover new and exciting things that spark your imagination, instead of starting the day thinking about what you have to do, think about what will spark your imagination today and watch the world around you, flourish.


10 thoughts on “Imagination is everything

      • I write all sorts of things too. I went to uni and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Film and Screen, but almost all electives in creative writing. But lately I’ve been doing more general writing (working doing articles and reviews, etc.). I might have a writing ‘event’ coming up soon, would I be able to add you to the list to notify when things are cemented (it’s not a convention or meet-up or anything, just an opportunity. Can’t talk about it too much yet).

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  1. I like this post on imagination! My children helped keep me creative over the years. They would say amusing things and remind me that their perspective was new and untarnished by adult opinions. I try to reach that place in my writing. Thanks!

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    • Thank you for your comment! Children are amazing story tellers with untapped imagination. I completely agree, if I could create something as wondrous as a child sees it, then the job is done. 🙂


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