Be the light


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I want to share with you something. You know when you have to do something, but not sure what?

After watching the news about the Paris terror, I felt anxious, nervous, and a word that is worse than sad … speechless, shocked, numb. Tragedy and right before Christmas … so many thoughts running through my head.

Over the next few days, I have avoided watching the news channels and even to some degree spending time roaming on social media. Because I didn’t want to see the bad news. I didn’t want the fear and anxiousness to rise and win.

What I didn’t expect was to hear something from deep within. You could call it my inner voice. It came from nowhere, but it was loud. “Be the light to the world.”

It felt so strong, this urge to be the light. For when fear reigns, disaster strikes, it can be so easy to get swept up in the sea of emotions. But what if through the pain and devastation you found something that for a fleeting moment made you feel less pain and more at peace. What if, something as simple as a smile could touch your heart so deep that it could bring tears to your eyes?

Instantly I thought, “come on, how can I spread light to the world?” The answer came back pretty quickly, “through your biggest following on your blog. That is where you need to start.”

So world, what I want you to know right at this moment is, it’s okay to feel the heavy weight of emotions from the turmoil that is occurring right around the world. But it’s also okay to feel inner peace, because if we all start to feel an inner peace within ourselves then may be the world won’t be so bad tomorrow? #bethelight


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6 thoughts on “Be the light

  1. I feel the same lately. Actually I’m am constantly wondering how can I go on with my life when all this things happen?! I feel guilty when a I post on my blog because I’m thinking that other people are dying in a terrible way while I’m here like nothing is happening. 😓😥 I hope I can find the strength to go on! Thanks for sharing this.


    • Hi Cristina, of course you can go on and you will. You know someone once told me, you don’t have to go and do a big mission to save the world, simply go and focus on the people around you. Like smile at a stranger as you walk past, this small acts of kindness can actually be a big act of kindness for those who you do it to. Sometimes we forget all the small acts of kindness we do (even unknowingly) impact other peoples lives dramatically. If you ever feel you need some more strength don’t feel scared to reach out to a counselor. Hang in there because your life is worth it. x

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  2. It is OK and even necessary to feel sad, bad, mad. Feelings have validity and if we take the time to explore them, then we can learn what they are telling us about ourselves and move through them.

    Feelings don’t dictate our actions. If I am sad/mad/scared etc. I still have a choice. Regardless of my reaction I still have a choice on how to respond.

    To use program speak: I can “Do the next right thing.”

    Thanks for the inspiring message.

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