Goddess of Love

First Impressions:

With a title of Goddess of Love, one would assume a romance novel. It was an easy, likeable read from the beginning, which had me keep turning the pages just as quick.


About this book:

The mythical Venus comes to life to help a nerdy woman find her inner goddess. Pea Chamberlain needs a makeover if she wants to attract über-sexy fireman Griffin DeAngelo at the firemen’s masked ball. And who could better coax Pea out of her pod than the Goddess of Love, whom she invokes in a moment of desperation? Venus works her magic on Pea, but who will help Venus when she falls for that same sexy fireman? Could Venus need a love makeover for herself? Check out the fireworks when the Goddess of Love unexpectedly loses her heart.

My review:

An interesting take on the Goddess of Love, a woman of seemingly super confidence to her sexuality and yet when it comes to dating and falling in love, she is just like every mortal woman. Innocent and completely terrified, especially when the risk of rejection is great.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and having Pea set as the main character (a mere mortal, who is struggling to find love) and calls on Venus the Goddess of Love to help her. Venus is a little eccentric, yet someone who is considered to be absolutely stunning, is no snob or mean cow, you can’t help but not love her. Pea, will have you fall in love and in laughter with her at the hilarious and completely awkward moments that she gets herself into. And the men, oh the good looking man candy, are set to have you voting for who will end up with who.

A laugh out loud romance that you will leave you wanting more.

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