How I paid next to nothing when I bought my make-up online!!

So I knew my foundation was coming to an end but I was too busy to go buy some new foundation. I saw sale after sale and thought, well I still have some foundation left, I won’t buy it just yet. When my foundation finally came to the end, I couldn’t find any sales!!

I looked at all the usual places online to find a bargain and couldn’t find anything that was worth of my hard earned cash. And then I remembered that Amazon practically sells everything.

I went online and found my Revlon foundation for less than $9. $9! Retail price is normally $35. I clicked add to cart. Β I searched for face primer. I have never used face primer in my life, but the make-up artists in store have told me that you apply face primer after your moisteriser and before your foundation, so the foundation doesn’t seep into your skin.

Now, I originally thought this was just a gimmick to get shoppers to spend more. But as I apply my make-up to the back of my hand first before applying to my first, I discovered it’s really hard to get make-up off my hand and if it’s hard for it to come off, then what’s it doing to my face! So I found this primer on Amazon for less than $10.

Now, because I loved to shop I thought what fun activity things can I buy? I have kids, so a small basketball hoop and ball is perfect. Less than $3. Click.

Now for those who live in the US, Amazon does offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. However, as I live in Australia I am not applicable to this service. Although, because my products are light weight, shipping is only costing me $11. That’s a pretty good price when Australian online stores charge me $10 for shipping, so an extra $1 for international shipping is okay by me.

Shipping didn’t take long, although Amazon advised it would take roughly 2-3 weeks. It was shipped within a week and the best part is, I got a surprise. I didn’t realise that the foundation I bought, came with two! Therefore, I actually paid $4 US for one foundation that I normally pay $35 for. BARGAIN!!!

2015-10-15 21.52.14


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