For flash fiction and short story readers:

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Bring fiction to your inbox!

Receive 1 story of flash fiction a fortnight, 24 a year, straight to your inbox. Melanie Toye, author of 11 eBooks and one paperback, wants to give subscribers a new way of reading. By writing a mixture of short stories such as literary fiction, fantasy, mysteries, emotional pieces, romance and other work that is hard to classify and sharing these stories with subscribers.

Enter the realm of an imaginative writer and get among the short story scene.

Length of stories are between 200 and 2,000 words.

The stories are inserted in the email text to provide ease of reading.

For only $10.00 AUD, you will receive 24 short stories to your inbox over the course of a year.

To get an idea of some of my past stories, simply read a free sample of any of my eBooks available on Amazon. Click here.

How to subscribe

Simply pay via paypal: $10AUD (Paypal does the conversion for you). Please allow 48 hours to receive confirmation that your subscription has started. Β Please ensure my email address: is added to your safe senders list.

Happy reading!!


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