Be careful what you wish for

About this book:

When Nina Morey gets her perfectly pedicured toe on the first rung of the highly-competitive magazine publishing ladder, she can’t believe her luck. Then she lands the hottest man in town and her best friend relocates from the other side of the world to help her paint the town neon pink. Nina’s life has suddenly turned from dull to dream come true, securing dream job after dream job, while schmoozing her way around Sydney’s hottest spots. What could possibly go wrong? Strap on your highest heels for a fast-paced peek inside the glossy world of the Australian magazine industry.

My review:

A self-confident woman, Nina, enters the magazine industry. With enthusiasm, she climbs the ladder and soon goes for a high level job, the problem is a jealous ex-colleague is now her boss, making her work life hell.

As a reader I was disappointed in how she handled the matter but in real life, this does and would happen.

The story is easy and interesting to read. I enjoyed it.

It is a great reminder to always remember what you are wanting from life and to not let one aspect overwhelm the other parts you love about life, or it will all crumble down.

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