How to decorate your child’s reading space to create the magic and evoke imagination

Creating a space for children to spend time reading, can be really magical. I always love to think of new and creative ways to create a charming space for kids. Here are some ideas to excite even the most active kids to sit down and read.

Dainty, sparkly and pretty would be the words I would describe for decorating most young girl’s reading spaces.

How about a big lounge chair, large enough for 2 or 3 people. A great comfort setting that will aid when reading to your child.

Or a sweet book shelf, so your child can pick the book they want to read. Gorgeous in style and functional.

To create the right ambiance for a girl’s room or reading space, why not add a touch of exuberance and sweetness to the walls?

To read, one needs excellent lighting and what better way to set the mood, by creating sparkles from the ceiling.

And for those children who like the magic of an undercover space, such as a princess’s castle, then look no further:

And let’s not forget about the boys. Boys may not tend to want to sit down and read, but there are ways to convince them otherwise:

A fire house book holder may be one way to entice a boy to read.

Artwork to fill the space will always excite a child, especially when it’s to do with pirates!

And who better to welcome your child to sit down and read, then Mickey Mouse!

Lighting should never be dull in a child’s reading space, and with this cool train light, watch their imagination begin.

And of course any knight or prince, needs his own space to read, write or play.

If you have the space, other great additions to a reading space, includes:

A set of sturdy table and chairs. Not just for reading, but for arts and craft and play time too.

Blocks to use as foot rests, climbing boards, sitting down to read – so many uses for these blocks!

And finally, a brilliant way to add to your child’s book collection and imagination is by purchasing my children’s eBooks, which are all under $5. Which are all available from Amazon.

AA small version thumb image2 Activities for babies when toys are not enough a-princess-for-a-day-vs2 thumb image exploring for dinosaurs smashwords thumb image kids write your own stories thumb image

Wow, shopping is fun!

Please share this post and comment below on what product you would purchase for your child’s room, from the selection above.

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