Thursdays in the park

Book Cover First Impressions:

To be honest, I picked this book off the shelf (as I generally do, without reading the synopsis). This seemed like a romance novel by the book cover, but I was grateful not to see one of those romance book cover that has the woman and man all over each other, with half their clothing on. (Let’s face it, its embarrassing to be seen walking around with those books!!).


About this book:

Jeanie has been a loving wife to George for over thirty years, a devoted mother to their daughter and, recently, an adoring grandmother – all this despite the fact that several years ago, George withdrew from their marital bed with no reason given. At first Jeanie was determined to confront him, but days rolled into weeks, then years, and still she has no idea why it happened. Did she do something wrong? Is he in love with someone else? George won’t talk about it. Every Thursday, Jeanie takes her granddaughter to the park, and there she meets Ray, who performs the same weekly duty for his grandson. Ray seems to be everything George isn’t – a listener, easy to talk to, open-minded – and sexy. Suddenly Jeanie feels attractive again and, against her will, finds herself falling in love with him. She knows all too well that her new passion threatens everything she holds dear. She must make a choice. Family ties, dramas, secrets and lies all weave their way though this beautiful and insightful first novel written by an author who has the perfect experience to write it.

My review:

I really enjoyed this book. It provided great insight into how women may perceive themselves when they turn 60. And especially as a younger person, how they may dislike it when a person says, “You look great for your age.” The genre would be romance/drama. Although not the nicest challenges to be presented with in life, it showed the turmoil and thought processes the main character goes through to keep everyone in her life happy, except for herself. When she meets Ray, her inner self jumps in joy, until her nasty son in-law does one of the most cruelest acts possible to destroy their relationship. A great story and if you are looking for something different to love-making romance novels, try this novel.

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