From fear to passion


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‘I walked in and Raulf was not at the door greeting me as was his routine for three years. My heart startled as I saw him in the open space with Gerald. My one and only thought pulsating strongly in my mind was, have I lost my job?

Raulf looked my way, worried. I walked over to them. Gerald looked over to me, a sense of warmth touched my heart. The assurance that my job was safe by one look, vibrated through my entire being. I walked over and looked at his new collection. Each piece was exquisite in quality workmanship and design.

“I will contact the media of the new collection,” I said. “And I will call on the models who will accentuate these designs and plan for a major event to showcase them.” Gerald touched my arm. I turned to face him, “I know, the sooner we showcase your designs the better.” He touched his hand to my lips. My cheeks heated up then I wondered what Raulf must think.

“This time it’s going to be different,” he said, as he released his soft touch from my lips. He walked around in his brainstorming/creative manner. I pulled out my blackberry ready to take notes. “This piece was done to rebuild confidence in women going through emotional turmoils. I do not want models. I need real women to wear my clothing.” This was going to be difficult. It was rare to find the attributes of a models body in an everyday person. “How you will find those women is up to you,” he said reading my mind.

“The showcase will be in a dark lit space, with down lights to illuminate the gloomy mood. The music will evoke tears in the audience eyes. It has to be emotionally moving. And in two days.”’ ~Excerpt from Free to be with me by Melanie Toye.

About Free to be with me

Free to be with me by Melanie Toye

Free to be with me takes Madison, an assistant to a famous fashion designer, through a self-appreciating journey of fashion, love and design. Free to be with me oozes fun, glamour and most of all hot lustful romance. Will the man Madison falls for, be too risky for her lifestyle? Or will she shy away from it all? Find out in this heart warming, page turner.

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