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When people talk about book week, their enthusiasm to show-off their favourite characters in books, is catching.

One of my friends, is a primary school teacher. “All teachers, dress up as a book character for book week,” she told me.

Okay. I never remember this happening in my school, growing up. Perhaps, it wasn’t such a big thing back then, as it is now.

“Yes, we dress up too,” her friend, another teacher perked up.

Cool. So a bit like the Comic-Con convention in the States.

I think that is exciting for young kids to get excited about books, especially when they see adults getting into it as well.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t love to dress up?

The question would be however, who would I want to dress up as?

Alice Cullen from Twilight? White make-up, brown short-haired pixie wig? Something sassy and stlyish. And of course those fake vampire teeth (simply to scare the kids).

Or what about the fallen star from Stardust? That could get complicated. Dressed as a big gold star, trying to walk in doors and not get stuck. But at least I would be glowing.

Perhaps Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. That might be okay, until I need to go to the bathroom. With a leotard, wings and stockings. It may take some time, to you know … undress.

Are you dressing up for book week? I would love to hear who you are going to dress up as.

What I would love to host one day, is my own dress-up book party. You know, the type. If you read my books, from which character would you dress up as and what would you wear?

For example, I always found Grace from Entice Me, to have interesting style. Combined with her carefree attitude alongside self-assurance. I always pictured flowy dresses, long skirts, yet not too hippy and quite stylish.

And for the guys, Gerald from Free to be with me. Who is a falmboyant fashion designer. That could be fun, especially when you read about the cars and house he lives in!

If you are celebrating book week, this week. Be sure to let me know what you are getting dressed up as (comment below). Or simply, what are you reading.


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