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What I love about my life, are the endless choices I can make in how I fill my day.

Of course it can become overwhelming, when each day I am the creator of how my day is to be. It is funny, how working in a job for someone else for years, I never thought much about how to fill my day, because it was already filled!

But now, now that I work for myself, as a freelance writer and author. I have the time to really make each day amazing!

Yet working from home, doesn’t mean I have to stay at home. Why stay at home every day, when I can go exploring the world around me?

Adventures, excitement, exploring, it is how we are built. To live life. It is something I never thought much about when I was travelling two hours to work and back, spending the day doing the same thing day in and day out. I was frustrated. Yes, some days, I feel the need to escape. To go somewhere I have never been to before. And now I have the time to do it.

When do I work? I work at a time that is convenient to me. 9-5 flies out the window, when you work for yourself. As well as trying to find work to fill the day. Now, I create the work I need to complete to get paid and feel fulfilled. And I do it, when I want to do it. Obviously, I work every day. If I didn’t, nothing would get done. But whether it happens in the morning, around midday during rest time, after a morning of exploration or in the late evenings, it still gives me time to live.

Not only am I doing what I LOVE and living my dreams. I get to now, also fill my day with how I want it to be.

I admit, there are times when I feel I need to organise something fun to do and not get stuck in a routine. Being at home every day kills the imagination very quickly. Especially when the tenth pile of washing for the week, is staring out.  Calling out for you to clean, because once every thing is perfect, than you will have more time to do what you want. But as all home owners know, cleaning is just as much as a procrastinator, as cleaning is never-ending. (Although make sure you still clean! Just make time for you too). That is important!

I also discovered, that sometimes after working and cleaning, I forget to do the things that I find fun. Another point to remember to do each day – make sure you laugh, smile, have fun. Because what if you aren’t having fun and feeling good, then you need to stop doing what you’re doing and do something that will make you feel that awesome.

Try something different.

Don’t let the dream feel that is too big to ever achieve. Because the truth is, you have the skills and talent right now to go for it.

How do you want your day to be?

My day today was spent three hours along the coast line, walking along the crystal clear blue waters. Being a big kid, as I walked balancing along the wall of the pathway. Coming home for lunch and complete three hours of ‘work’ – more like writing fun! And now, ready for another adventure this afternoon. I may even go to the circus tonight? Who knew, life could be fun!

A photo of my morning:



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