What writing means to me


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Can I really sum up, what one of the great passions of my life (besides the love for my family), means to me?

Let me try. 

Writing for me, takes me on a journey, of excitement, enlightenment and adventure.

I enter a new world, every time I sit down and write.

I create how people act towards each other, how they interact, what they dream about and how they live their lives.

I create obstacles and jealous rivals that they have to face in order to push through and even after all that, they may still not reach their desired outcome.

I have to determine if the pathway the person is on, is going to put them in line to find love or perhaps run away from it.

I imagine amazing scene’s and have a story unfold as if I was watching a movie, as my fingers move swiftly and in terribly unneat hand-writing.

I smile, as I finish what I wanted to achieve in a particular timeframe. I smile, as I see how the characters, plot and scene’s are developing.

I wonder in the wee hours of the morning, how my story will evolve and transform. What will happen next? I never really know. You could say the story takes me on a journey. A hidden secret, where I may know the rough outline of what may transpire. Yet the details are only revealed in that precise moment of writing.

Why write from the end, when you could start from the beginning? And be as wide-eyed as the character, as they enter an unknown setting? Then you have some sort of truth to how they are feeling.

Writing to me, is what I feel most creative artists feel. It is everything. If I could sing, I would never stop singing. If I could paint, I would never stop painting. There is something about having a passion in life, that takes you on a journey. It grabs hold of you and when inspiration hits, you have to run with it. You cannot push it aside, the thoughts won’t stop until you quickly put pen to paper. Write, write and write more.

But am I summing up what writing means to me, enough?

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What does it mean to me? 

Writing, gives me the freedom to share my most inner thoughts. Writing, gives me the chance to express my self, but not just who I am. But also, who these characters portray. You want to enter the world of a famous fashion designer? Then Gerald from my book, Free to be with me, will give you an inside peek into his life. And what if I could give you something deeper to consider. Those life questions that we all think about sometimes. What if I provided a far out concept that would spark interest from its originality and form a different perspective? My fantasy novel, Destiny Lane would give you a read for something a little bit deeper than the lightness of my romance series, The Eric and Izzie Series. Yet, for those who love to read about a charming man, than reading about Eric, would be ideal for you.

The examples above simply show, that through writing, I can provide you with not just a great read. But take an idea, whether it be a character, a place or a concept and turn it into a tale that will have you thinking about it for a long time to come. And not just think, but feel what the character’s are feeling. And for me, that is something special.


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5 thoughts on “What writing means to me

  1. Move forward openly with curiosity with your passions, it’s not an easy thing to do, I quit a very well paying job to be a young, poor, and in love writer in New York City. But it’s well worth it. I can see writing is your passion. Let it take you to amazing places. Thank you for sharing this.



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