My writing process blog hop

Thank you to the lovely and sweet Jo Robinson who tagged me in the ‘My Writing Process Blog Hop.’ I enjoy reading Jo’s blog as her personality and outlook on life really shines through her work. Be sure to follow Jo’s blog here: and buy her books here:

The idea with this Hop, is to answer a couple of questions about my writing process, and then nominate the blogs of three other writers who inspire me to do the same. If these three choose to Hop along, they would then post their writing process blogs the following week, together with links to this post, and the sites of their three nominees.

The Questions:

  1. What are you working on?

I am always working on various writing projects. I am a freelance writer and write regularly blogs and articles for businesses, as well as updating their website content. It is fun and has me researching the latest industry news about a wide variety of markets.

I am also working on another novel. (To date I have published nine, ready to publish my next one, writing another one and have so many more ideas for more novels, I can’t write fast enough). My recently finished novel which is yet to be published is Destiny Lane. And my new novel, well… I can’t tell you about that yet, it’s a secret. Shh …

And besides the freelance writing and novels, I also write weekly for my beautiful blog and brainstorm new ideas for marketing and promoting my brand – which is me. It is an incredibly fun career, which I would love to one day write a book about.

  1. What have you worked on recently?

My recently finished novel which is yet to be published is Destiny Lane. Read about Destiny Lane here (trust me, you will want to click this). I also wrote content for a business website.

List other writing projects.

  1. Why do you write what you do?

I do not stick to one genre. I like to push myself and see where my imagination takes me in a terms of genres, different characters, scenes and then let my characters create the story. What will happen? I don’t always know. I just put pen to paper and the story begins to come to life.

  1. How does your writing process work?

I obviously have to make time for it. It seems simple, to make time to do what you love. For me, if I ever start to procrastinate I remember the quote – “Remember why you started” and that is living my dreams as a writer. If I stop writing, I stop my dreams. For me, having the focus and dedication to write, equals success.

Writing for me is very simple. I love it. When I try to make it harder than what it is, that is when it does not read well. My process is simple, when it comes to freelance writing, I create a topic, research it, then sit down and write it in one hit. And then I will leave it for a period of time and come back and edit it, reword it, make it even better than the original.

When I write novels, my process is somewhat different due to the extensive amount of time a novel takes. I write, I write, I write, I write. And then I type everything. Because I find the magic of writing through pen to paper and because in the past I have lost whole novel’s due to malfunction’s of computers. I feel comforted that if I write my entire first draft of my novel in (many) notepads, I then have that as a back up if it is ever lost on my computer ever again. So I write, I type and then I go through my novel and change words that when I was writing I could not find the right word I wanted, and instead write BW. Which means – find a better word. And this way I can spend the time afterwards to find those better words rather than stopping the creative process in the initial stage. Then after I fill the gaps, do further research for some specific scenes, even find better names for some of the characters, then I will edit my first draft. And then edit again. Edit again and edit some more. And then I create a groovy front cover image (sometimes I seek a professionals help), format my book for publishing and before I hit publish, I create a marketing campaign over a certain specific timeframe. This might all sound, I don’t know, a bit crazy. But the truth is, I love it. I love every part of the process.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the ins and outs of my writing process. What is your process for your dream career?

Below are my three nominees to continue this blog hop:

Isabella Louise Anderson – This blogger has been with me from the beginning. Doing an interview with me for my novel Entice Me and then publishing my press release for Destiny Lane and interviewing all the authors who I co-authored with on 8 Slices of Cake, which appeared in my magazine, Imagine This. If I could say two words it would be, thank you! And now she has published her first novel as well. So please do support her and read her new book!

Yvonne McEvaddy – who is from Ireland and is absolutely the sweetest although you may not know it when you read she writes thrillers. Yvonne was one of the talented women who co-authored in 8 Slices of Cake with me. And whose writing I could never stop reading.  Follow her blog here and read her books!

Lisa Day – This woman has talent. Another writer who co-authored in 8 Slices of Cake and with other books published to her name. Sensual, action packed novels plus her real comedic personality is someone I will always hold dear.


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