The beauty that beholds us everyday


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I am grateful that I find myself either behind my glass window that looks out into the back yard or even perhaps I am standing out in the yard. When my body times it perfectly to ensure I watch the sunset every day.

And every day I smile in awe, as new landscape is presented to me. The sun shines through my tall trees before it finally frees itself and shines brightly from the depths of the sky. Watching this, warms my soul.

It makes me stop and cherish this wondrous moment.

I am grateful for the beauty that the natural world showcases me every day without fail. Even on a wintery cloudy day. If I dress in my winter woollies and go for a walk. I still find fallen treasures from the tree branches. Still, in their moment of beauty.

I am thankful for the world I live in and how each day, it sparks my inner world, where for one moment I am still and connected to the natural world.



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