If failure is not an option, then one must succeed



Image via: http://www.womanincredible.com/2013-focus/

It all began with a dream and by jumping into every opportunity. I have to say my dream chaser journey has ended and my reality of living my dreams has begun.

Its uncanny though, how if I really look at it, I was always living my dreams. It was simply my mindset that I had to change from chasing my dreams to living them.

I pictured how this day would feel every day of my adult life.

As my writing career began. It has now officially transferred from hobby to business. Although I have acted as if it was a business from day one. Overtime with the proven growth of my clienteleΒ skill improvement and never-ending focus of my achievement. The day has finally arrived.

My belief in myself to never give up in myself and my truest destiny for life has come back to give me a pat on the back. And a tick towards another milestone. Although I know a dream big enough has many milestones, big and small achieved to get me to this point. I am so proud of this moment and excited that my determination to keep pushing myself has been worth the effort. But I guess when you know you can never give up on your dreams, failing is not an option. Failure is truly a perception, if one step does not go ahead as planned, you review and re-plan, and make another step. Eventually you will make it.

It is incredible, to have something I have envisioned as something I would achieve in the future, to have achieved now. It feels awesome, amazing, life changing. And it is.

And the best part is, I have so much more I want to accomplish. And I know, soon enough, I will.


Image via: http://www.winflighttraining.com/


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