Believing in untruth before realising trying is the best part


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As a child grows, they are required to learn new skills and abilities. Walking, talking, even toilet training. As one becomes an adult, we fill our lives with so much, it can be easy to forget that we need to keep learning and growing too. I love to learn and grow. I love to learn about new interests and skills all the time.

I used to think I was not very talented in the area of painting. Recently I wondered, ‘why not give it a try? Why not create a piece that will make me smile?’ That perceived notion that I was no good at painting, immediately dissapated, as I sketched out the painting I intented to create. And me as a sketcher, is sketchy at best. For too long, I have told myself I was not good enough. For too long, I told myself, I could not do it. But once I set to work on my first painting, all those false lies fell to the waist side.

What have you been telling yourself for years that you are not talented enough to do?

What if you gave yourself another chance? Would the action of the activity, be enough to remind you, its in the action that is fulfilling. When faced with something you cannot do, when you start to do it, there is a moment where your mind registers and says, “Hey, I am doing this! And I am loving it.” And that is the most joyous thing, you can give yourself. A smile. Appreciation. Awe at what you have achieved.

What have you been missing out all these years because you simply said, you were not good enough?


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