2014 get ready! I am more ready than ever before.

This may sound like a New Years post but you would be surprised…

What I love about being an engaging, creative, story-teller is you.

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I get to bear my soul, share my deepest fantasies and hope to put a smile on your face.

To me, you, are everything. Without you, my passion for life would go unnoticed. It would be as if, it no longer mattered to the world. Yet with you, I can achieve anything from  as small as designing my own butterfly wings, to as big as flying to the moon to star gaze.

Writing is my everything. I can express myself through a hundred different means. I can share stories of characters that draw the essence of what we only wish to behold. And others that we wish we didn’t.

I started out as a dream chaser. One writer. One world. One story.

Now, years later, here I am, living and breathing my dreams. I still have goals, big goals and smaller goals. I am still pushing to achieve. But with every step I take a breath and be thankful for my life at this moment.

And when I recently discovered my WordPress annual report, I was even more wowed at how big my writing has touched people’s lives. In one year my blog reached so many people that if it were a film, this blog would power 3 film festivals. Now that is WOW! One of the best parts of writing is hearing from my readers. One reader was battling from a divorce, while another was waiting for their cancer test results. These readers are incredibly special and powerful in their own lives. Even though we are all in our own living, we each go through similar emotions and mind sets during certain periods and situations of our lives. And that is why blogging for me, has been such a powerful tool. I get to write how I feel at the moment. And others share with me in an instant how my words have affected them.

Readers who have begun their own dream chasing journey after reading my blog, is something that is so touching to me. This is what I want. I want to bring hope, and inspiration and joy to people’s lives. If people decide to chase their dreams because of something they read. And that something was what I had written. It is an amazing and humbling experience.

I appreciate you. I appreciate your stories you share with me. I appreciate the journeys you are on. And I enjoy watching your life transform.

So 2014, watch out. Because I am not holding back. This year, well… let’s just say, it is going to be life changing. Are you ready to jump all in with me?

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