A typical weeknight in the 21st century

Years ago, I remember friends and extended family would come over for dinner. We would all chat, have a laugh and share our meal together. A home-baked meal was spread out in delight. And the room filled with joy. Nobody would leave without a smile on their face.

Magic garden


Now, welcome to the 21st century.

Where the evening meal is made as quick as possible, either by frozen or by the quickest means. The family sit on the lounge and eat their meals silently while watching the latest buzz show on TV. Then logging onto Facebook via mobile phones and the laptop, the family spend the next hour catching up on all the gossip and news. A quick like on a friend’s post means you are keeping in touch and a Selfie posted shows your friends, you are still around.

The importance of time spent on a meal to share with others is fleeting as well as the quality moments you have with each other. I was brought up in a lifetime with limited technology. Now it appears people are a slave to the masses of technology, only to discover how quickly technology can consume you.

I just wonder if you changed one night of your week to have no technology, would you be more appreciative for what you have? Would you take the necessary time to relax and just live in the moment? How different would your outlook on life be?

Melanie Toye Writer Blog Image of Woman's outlook on life

Image: © Jhershphotography | Dreamstime.com


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