Kids, write your own stories arrives to Amazon online book stores

26 Creative Writing Activities for Kids to experiment, create and write their own stories. Kids, write your own stories is now available on Amazon. Ages 8 plus.

kids write your own stories

Kids, write your own stories will provide a great opportunity for your child or class, to let their imagination roam free through story writing. 

I am a freelance business writer and author of several eBooks. For a long time now I have been wondering how I can help uplift young people’s talents to help them chase their dreams. Schools are great for learning English and the proper way to write. This eBook is purely to inspire and excite children to take a step out of the technicalities and rules of writing and just freely write, letting their imagination guide them. I hope this e-Book provides every child with the motivation to continue to follow their true passions in life, whether writing stories or play scripts etc. I also hope they have some fun throughout these activities. There is no right or wrong answer, this eBook is just to add an element of unlimited boundaries within the creative world.
Kids, write your own stories is now available on all Amazon online stores and Smashwords.

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