Valentine’s Day is for everyone







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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

For those who are single on this splendid day, here are some reminders on how you too can celebrate the most lovable day in all of the world.

  1. Buy a rose and walk around your local city and find someone who looks like they need a pick me up and give it to them. The wonders of doing something nice for someone whose moment is beyond their true happiness, will make your heart flutter and the stranger’s – from pure sweetness.
  2. Read a romance trashy novel (I have written a couple, read mine!) – drool over the gorgeous men and hope that one day you will find someone as hot, sexy and sweet and let it be today of all days.
  3. Buy yourself a valentine’s day card and place it in your mailbox, collect the mail tomorrow, and surprise yourself at the beautiful worded card that a special someone sent you.

Turn Valentine’s Day into a reminder that everyone needs to feel special and loved and if you are solo, then be sure to spoil yourself for being so wonderful.


Image via:Β


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