come one, come all

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Welcome to Melanie Toye’s mindset of an engaging, creative, story teller.

She casts her net wide and pulls in an array of mixed imaginative tales to tell. Below Melanie share’s with you, some of her wonderful moments of her books.

Free to be with me

“Late again,” Raulf eye-rolled me as I entered the fashion department doors.

I gave Raulf an apologetic smile and rushed passed over to my working space. “Floral, darling.  This is what I want for the collection.” Gerald, the ultimate fashion designer in Australia and renowned for his elegance and class around the world, shares with me his creative mind. I took my blackberry out from my purse and noted his thoughts down.

“Low, elegant yet a soft flowy dress. A long diamond opening at the front to highlight the woman’s cleavage. A high back with a gathering on either side of the hips, with the length coming to mid-calf and little ruffles at the hem and at the end of the sleeves.”

Gerald walked around the space. “Brilliant,” he said at his own creation.

I smiled. I loved working under Gerald’s artistic influence. “Fabric colour needs to be warm, such as rosy pink … hmm, wait.” I watched as he let his creative vision take over. “A light green, not lime,” he added pointedly. “With pale pink and purple flower petals. Pick up a metre of white satin ribbon as well, which I might include.” I waited a moment to see if he wanted anything else. Then he walked out of the building to do whatever a creative god does during the day.

Melanie Toye’s commentary – I loved writing this unique story of an assistant to a famous fashion designer. The magic of an artist’s take on the world was interesting to uncover.


Entice Me 

“Miranda, thanks for coming in at such short notice.” Jim said.

“Sure, what’s the problem?”

“We are hosting an event and I want you in charge. I know you will do a fantastic job. The event will be held this Friday for 1000 people.”

Panic started to take hold of Miranda. “This Friday, that is very soon to organise such a large event. Invitations are normally sent out a month in advance.” Miranda replied trying not to sound too apprehensive.

“I know and I am sorry for this. The Board of Directors are coming down soon and want to see how the budget is going. Besides all the business you bring in for this company, everyone else has gone stale. This event is in need to boost our client database and in turn increase our pay packets.”

“Thank you Jim for giving me this opportunity.” Miranda replied on autopilot.

“Miranda, thank you, you are a life saver. Sally will be reporting to you for the event so get her working. If you need any more staff involved, let me know.” He said soundly.

Including today Miranda had seven days to prepare for the event. She was feeling low. Jim said she was the only one still bringing in business. So why was she being punished for everyone else’s slackness? Miranda knew she should not feel angry or upset. Obviously Jim had chosen her, because he could rely on her.

Reality soon fronted Miranda the reason why Jim had brought her to the office. Jim expected her to begin organising the event today, on her weekend.

Melanie Toye’s commentary: Entice Me was my very first novel and it was the beginning of a journey that I followed it seemed with the characters storylines in Entice Me. Minus the fraud, rivals and trips to Spain and France (oh that would have been nice!) Entice Me was the beginning of my dream chasing career as a writer and author. And from the moment I published Entice Me, I have never looked back. If you need a motivational read (that is fun and girly too) then you find Entice Me an inspiring read.

8 Slices of Cake  

Is it possible to find love at a wedding?

“Oh hi, I am Derek.”

“Olivia. It is nice to meet you.” I said and offered my hand.

Derek took my hand and seemed like he was examining my ring finger. He looked into my eyes, “I think I know you.” He said.

“Really? Hmm, I don’t think so. I would remember someone that looked like he just left a magazine shoot.”

“Ha” he laughed out loud. I smiled too.

“Seriously, where did you go to college?” Derek asked.

“McCain College” I said while at the same time trying to remember a guy named Derek in one of my classes, but was pulling out blanks.

“Hmm, I went to Sinca Lee College.”

“Where do you think you remember me from?”

“The angel in my dreams.” He said.

I could not help but laugh, then my laughter turned to a more hysterical laugh and then I could not stop laughing. Somehow I thought this was hilarious. I had walked straight into that pick-up line. I think the wine was getting to me as I tried to stop laughing but a small shriek would burst out every time I thought about it.

Melanie Toye’s Commentary – I had a ball working with a wonderful team of writers who all contribued a part of the story to 8 Slices of Cake, plus a delicious cake receipe. It was very interesting to see a scene created and then people’s different characters and plots take place. Not one writer had a similar outlook on the wedding guest viewpoint, which was refreshing.

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Free to be with me Entice Me Front Cover of Chick Lit Novel 8 Slices of Cake - Melanie Toye




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