When the nerves set in, you know your destiny is about to happen

I have been a bag of nerves lately. I knew it had something to do with my dream. And today I realised what it was.

I am scared of succeeding. I am scared of my dream coming to reality.

I probed a bit deeper. Why would I be scared? This dream is not something new. I have fantasised about being in this position for most of my career life. And the last three years, I have been working damn hard to make it a reality. And now, it is no longer a dream. I can see the finish line. The scary part is, what will happen next? How will my days be filled?

And then I answer the question with another question. How do I want my day to be? I really can live the life I have dreamed and it is going to happen very soon.

Thoughts of returning to my old life is just incomprehensible yet in the last few days I have thought about it. But my heart does not belong in it. And why would it, when I have been fighting for this change in my life for more than a decade? My old life is in the past and I am ready to move forward into my future.

So I just wanted to reassure anyone who is on the path of dream chasing and is so close to having their dreams turned into reality – to keep going. Do not let the unknown stop you running up those stairs to your destiny. Embrace it. You are a strong being. You can and will conquer your dreams. Fear of the unknown is normal and it proves you are challenging yourself by jumping in with two feet.

Live the life you want and do not let anything stop you.

Aslan Lion 1600x1280-145

Image source: www.dertz.in


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