When it all falls apart


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“Remember, oftentimes when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.” Quoted from: http://www.marcandangel.com/2013/11/29/9-things-happy-successful-people-choose-to-ignore/#more-697 

I am having one of those moments … you know when it all falls apart. It’s not the physical, my physical world is not falling apart. It’s the inner me. Well it feels like it anyway. Reading the above post from Marc and Angel blog, the sentence struck me.

I am travelling an unknown road. I do not know how I am going to achieve my dream. But every day I bring new thoughts and ideas to the table and just believe, somehow, someway, it will happen.

There comes a time in everyone’s dream chasing endeavours, that we feel it is all falling apart. That our dreams feel so far away. Even further than when we began the journey!

I always said this has been an emotional roller coaster ride, chasing my dreams. The reason being, is I am constantly pushing my limiting beliefs in what I can achieve. I know I have achieved so much  already towards my ultimate goal. And yet, when I set a timeframe on my dream, it may have been the biggest mistake of this journey. Time is coming, the end date is swiftly approaching, I have done so much, but is it enough? Will I make it? And if I do not make my end result by this timeframe, am I a failure?

Absolutely not.

Timeframes, are good for to keep us focussed and motivated to stay on track. But just because we do not achieve our biggest goal ever in our life within a certain timeframe, it does not mean we pack our bags and head back home with our head between our legs!

No it means, re-examine, we find ways to push ourselves further. Questions need to be asked, such as what worked in the past, what didn’t? And what is something entirely fresh that I can try to move mountains with?

There are so many ways to better ourselves.

The biggest point to remember is, you have travelled so far, why back-pedal?

Keep moving forward, no matter how slow you think you are going. I believe you can achieve your dreams. This is just you testing yourself and to see if your dreams are big enough. Are they worth your time and effort?

I believe so.

Does this resonate with your life?


4 thoughts on “When it all falls apart

  1. Every time I’ve inflicted myself with a deadline, I’ve either rushed so fast I didn’t produce my best, or missed the date and disappointed myself. Best to be kind to yourself and know that you’re just as awesome as you need to be. Chin up. 😀


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