Tick Tock

Have you ever heard these words uttered from your mouth or a writers,

“I just wish I had more time!”Β 


Oh yes, more time is what I crave. More time to write, more time to sleep, more time to laze around the garden and watch the butterflies. There was a time, when I had more time … you know before motherhood. And guess what, I spent the exact same time on writing back then, than I do now. And I think I even do more now.

As most writers, there are ‘the other jobs’ that need to be done, to pay the bills. Plus house cleaning and chores and hey, let’s not forget about some weekend fun and family time. Writing has to be slotted in somewhere. But when people say to me, “I do not have any time to write.” I know there is another way and I do it.

Do you ride a train during the week? It is the perfect time to write. For me it is 45 minutes each way. That is a good 90 minutes of writing in a day. Then if at home, I write during my child’s day nap for an hour and a half and then when he goes to bed for two hours. When an idea flashes through my mind, I run and try to find (why can I never find a pen and paper where I need it) pen and paper and jot it down. If my son is occupied with some exploring in the backyard jungle, I can write 200 words of the story plot or dialogue down in ten minutes, by the time he comes back to me for something new to do.

Do you see how time starts to build up? Nearly three hours or more of writing a day.

People say to me, “I do not know how you have time to do all this.”Β 

The real key to doing more, is by using the limited time you have, to just do it. No procrastination allowed. You have twenty minutes to write, you write. You have an hour spare, you write.

You may be thinking but what if I do not want to! Haha, well by all means, do what you want in life!

This motto goes for any enthusiast of any genre of life. You want something but do not have the time. Find those little specks of time in your life and make it happen.


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