Dreams … is it worth the leap?

I wonder what my life would be like if I did not have my dreams to hold onto. To wish upon the stars every night? 

Wait! I know exactly what it would be like. It was my life years ago. When the world sucked me in and left me drained. Each day felt boring and lifeless. It depressed me to no end. Of course I tried very hard to make peace with the unsatisfactory living. This is all life can be. This is my life. Image

I was so wrong!! And with the death of my grandparents, their lives stolen from cancer and the birth of my precious first born son, I knew this was my chance. This is my moment in life, where if I don’t go after what makes my heart sing then I never will.

We all get that moment/chance in life. Take it. Grab it with both hands. Don’t over question it. Do not fear it. Embrace it. Make it all that is. 

Your life will change dramatically. The wind will pick you up and fly you to the touch the heavens above the sky. 

Don’t waste another day waiting. Waiting for something to change your life. You have to change it.   



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